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Valor's Call Piano Solo

Valor’s Call was originally an orchestral piece, now rearranged for piano solo. 

Flowing River

The inspiration for this relaxing piano music piece came from the flowing movements of water.

Lamento: Why Do We Live?

My new dramatic piano orchestral music piece Lamento is inspired by the current circumstances in this world. With this orchestral music piece I would like to commemorate the people who have to suffer from war and the fight for their freedom and human rights. This dramatic piano and orchestral music piece should remind us that every human being has the right of freedom and a safe life.


Torn is a new piano music piece composed by Juliano. The piano music is inspired by various themes such as loss, grief, melancholy, loneliness and the inner conflict of a personality. My classical music piece was composed for all those who need some calm, relaxing piano music to study to.

Shadow of the Wolf (Epic Emotional Music by Eric Heitmann & Juliano)

I’m happy to announce another wonderful collaboration with the talented cinematic composer Eric Heitmann Composer. Our new epic emotional music piece is called “Shadow of the Wolf” and is about a young wolf who goes on an adventure in search of her family.

Stand With Ukraine (Piano Orchestral Music)

Because of the current situation, I decided to rearrange a Ukrainian folk song. I am sorry to see all these pictures and the victims of this unnecessary war. I think that especially in such difficult moments, music can provide a moment of peace. War has never been a solution and never will be! The folk song is a Ukrainian lullaby and is called “Oy Khodyt Son Kolo Vikon” (The Dream Passes By The Window).

Variations On Eternity - Relaxing Ambient Piano

I wanted to return to the idea of eternity and limited myself to the intimacy of the piano. I like to revisit my pieces because you can always see new perspectives in them. Some moments in life seem to give you the feeling of getting an idea for the concept of eternity. They are moments that shape you and that you want to hold on to for a lifetime and beyond.

Fractum Anima - Electronic Music (Frank Hopkins feat. Juliano)

We start the year with something completely different this time. The wonderful electronic music producer Frank Hopkins asked me to join one of his projects and I couldn’t say no to this challenge.


Christmas is the celebration of love and hope. We celebrate with the persons we love the most, be it family, our beloved, friends or whoever. With You, I wanted to think of all these people, but also of those who have to spend Christmas alone.

Trees Of Gold

Trees Of Gold is inspired by the wonderful nature. A walk through the forest can sometimes work wonders. It often seems as if time stands still. The peace that nature radiates makes us forget everyday life. And when the sun’s rays shine between the leaves, there is a wonderful play of light and it seems like that the nature begins to dance.

Fallen Sun

This composition was created in collaboration with the ambient and cinematic composer Eric Heitmann. Fallen Sun is a story of sorrow, hope and a journey across the stars.


There are always those nights when our thoughts or experiences don’t let us sleep. This relaxing ambient piano piece Sleepless was created from an improvisation of a sleepless night and reflects the peace, the magic but also the loneliness of the night and its influence on humans.


This is my new cinematic emotional music piece “Decision”. It’s inspired by Scarlett Archer’s poem “Tarot”.

Lonely Dance

Here is my track “Lonely Dance” for Piano Solo. Because Piano Day is coming soon, I wanted to write an intimate piano piece.

Valor's Call

Composed and produced by: Eric Heitmann & Juliano


This track is inspired by the gigantic mountains all over the world. For realizing this project, i used the BBC Symphony Orchestra by Spitfire Audio and the great free Choir Library Winter Voices, which was a project by Christian Henson and his community.

Night Mind

My New Track “Night Mind” – Neoclassical Piano Music.